Yasaka Pryde 30

Yasaka Pryde 30
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Product Description

Yasaka Pryde Series has been praised by many Chinese Provincial players who enjoy it's playing capabilities. A less expensive / lighter in weight alternative to Butterfly's Bryce Speed series, which allows more emphasis on the forehand shot. 

Yasaka Pryde Series Comparison:
Yasaka Pryde      Hardness = 43-47  Speed = 97  Spin 85  Control = 71 Similar to Sriver L with speed glue.
Yasaka Pryde 40 Hardness = 35-40  Speed = 91  Spin 87  Control = 73 Similar to Sriver EL with speed glue.
Yasaka Pryde 30 Hardness = 30-35  Speed = 84  Spin 89  Control = 75 Similar to Sriver FX with speed glue.

Recommended Glue/Blade/Rubber/Cleaner:
Glue: This rubber works best when tuned and glued with Haifu VOC-Free Water Based Glue. 

Blade: Shark II works well with composite blades. Recommended Blades are Timo Boll Spirit, Stiga CC5, and Stiga Clipper CC. 

A great rubber that compliments this rubber on the forehand side is: DHS Hurricane 3 National or Haifu Blue Whale II Tuned Red Sponge.

Use an alcohol-based cleaner such as Kokutaku / TULPE Alcohol Based Cleaner

Hardness/Thickness Available:
Yasaka Pryde 40 Hardness rating is 30-35. Comes in 2.00mm or MAX (2.50mm)

PowerPingPong's Review:
Current rubber that I personally use in the backhand. This lightweight backhand rubber allows me to put more "umpfh" into my forehand shots through a slightly heavier forehand rubber. Plays very similar to Butterfly Bryce Speed. Top sheet and sponge is less dense than Butterfly's rubbers. Takes about 5-10 grams off the total racquet weight.

Official Product Description:
The speed glue ban is imminent. But table tennis players are desperate to keep its characteristic speed. Now there is hope! Yasaka PRYDE comes with POWER TENSION, the newest technology from Yasaka that does what neither traditional rubber nor other tension rubbers can. You feel the powerful speed and you'll recognise the sound. And you don't need to bother with speed gluing any more. Yasaka PRYDE - delivering the devastating energy of POWER TENSION.