SWORD Maze Tuned *NEW*

SWORD Maze Tuned *NEW*
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Product Description

Sword MAZE. Named after the top world's player Michael Maze from Denmark, MAZE is made to imitate Butterfly's Tenergy Spring Sponge but with a mixed DHS Hurricane/ Butterfly Bryce Feel. Also it is much lighter than Tenergy. Can be used on the Forehand or Backhand.

Recommended Glue/Blade/Rubber/Cleaner:
Glue: This rubber works best when tuned and glued with Haifu VOC-Free Water Based Glue. 

Blade: Hurricane 3 National works well with composite blades. Recommended Blades are Timo Boll Spirit, Stiga CC5, and Stiga Clipper CC. 

A great rubber that compliments this rubber on the forehand side is: DHS Hurricane 3 National or Haifu Blue Whale II Tuned Red Sponge. A good backhand rubber that compliments this rubber would be another sheet of Sword MAZE or any other rubbers with similar characteristics.

Use an alcohol-based cleaner such as Kokutaku / TULPE Alcohol Based Cleaner

Hardness/Thickness Available:
Currently available in on 48 Hardness (equivalent to Butterfly Tenergy Sponge hardness rating 36) and in MAX thickness (2.20mm)

PowerPingPong's Review:
Pleasantly surprised by the performance of this rubber, although I'm not a huge fan of the Tenergy rubbers (with the exception of Tenergy 05 FX), I have tried many "Tenergy-like" rubbers and none of them have come close. Except for this one. It's not the same feel you would get from a Tenergy 05, but more like a Tenergy 64 with a bit more tackiness to it. Because the sponge/rubber is lighter, your reaction time will be faster. The grip feels like a hybrid of Hurricane and Bryce mixed together. The best thing I love about this rubber is it's ease of use when counter looping. I could counter loop all day with this rubber. I love the look of the packaging, although that won't help you one bit when you're playing. Keep in mind though, Sword rubbers top sheet do have a tendency to look old after just a few usages, but with basic cleaning, the look won't affect the performance of the rubber at all. A nice add-on to the rubber is the complimentary high-quality rubber sheet protector they include with the package.

Official Product Description:
Heavier Spin & Greater Control - Maze
The combination of the high tensioned and tacky topsheet with a medium hard and flexible sponge makes Maze the perfect answer for players who seek heavy topspin and superb control. Maze combines new "A" type tacky topsheet with the new explosive Will Sponge 2. Its innovative design enables a player to "grip" the ball and "catapult" the return back with heavy spin and great control.

Free Rubber Sheet Protector description: SWORD special protection film should be used whenever you store your racket, this way the surface is protected at all times. SWORD rubber sheets which have an extreme efficiency tend to change optically when viewing the top surface but this does not affect the playing characteristics. For use of the protection film, simply apply to the rubber sheet and cut flush to the racket edge.