REACH Rubber Cleaner - Oil Based *NEW*

REACH Rubber Cleaner - Oil Based *NEW*
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Not your average cleaner out on the market Most people use cleaners made from table tennis manufacturers (alcohol based) or water (plain old water). Call me cheap and disgusting, or just call me a broke college student, but Iíve always recommended using sweat to clean your rubber. Itís free and the oil from your sweat helps prolong the life of the rubber whereas the alcohol from most cleaners makes the rubbers looking squeaky clean but extremely brittle. Plain old water also oxidizes the rubber at a faster rate.

Ecstatic when I heard of the REACH cleaner! Finally, an oil based cleaner that helps protect your rubber with cleaning agents that help take off the dirt/dust from the surface of the rubber. Iíve been using this cleaner since March 2011 and itís worked wonders for my loop game.

Directions: Spray once conservatively on each rubber and wipe clean with a JUIC cleaning sponge. For maximum results, allow the rubber to soak in the oil for approximately 20-30 minutes before wiping clean. You will notice that the rubber will feel slightly slippery at first, but after it is dry (by sponge or by air), the rubber will be softer and faster with more spin easily generated.

Results: 1. Longer Rubber Life 2. Fast Spinny Loops

Package Details: Title: REACH: High Speed T.T. Washing is Researched by Europe Size: 110ml

Package Description: "REACH enhancing mucosity wash is developed by senior professional engineer according to the characteristic of EUROPE with advanced technology. This wash characters is to enhance 35% mucosity after wash the surface of racket rubber and then make the racket more ability to attack and so good that the plays with the washed racket always in hand."