Haifu Shark II Factory Tuned Permanent Tension - Yellow Sponge

Haifu Shark II Factory Tuned Permanent Tension - Yellow Sponge
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Product Description

Haifu Shark II is Chinaís Answer to Bryce / Sriver. Haifu has been known for years in China for itís Speed Glue (Blue Whale II Speed Glue and Shark II Speed Glue). Haifu BW2 speed glue has been used by several Chinaís Provincial Teams and several China National Team members in conjunction with Butterfly Bryce / Sriver. When the ITTF made the decision to ban speed glue effective September 1st, 2008, Haifu took the measures to develop its rubber line and came out a rubber that is meant to replace Butterfly Bryce / Sriver. Hence the similarity of Shark II to Sriver and Bryce. Used commonly by shakehand players as a backhand rubber, and by some one sided penhold players for the forehand. Note that the Shark II Red Sponge has replaced the yellow sponge version is no longer manufactured. Once the yellow sponge is sold out, it will not be restocked.

Rubbers produced by Haifu and comparable rubbers:
Blue Whale I: Inverted: DHS Hurricane 3 Commercial grade without Speed Glue 
Blue Whale II: Inverted: DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial with Speed Glue 
Blue Whale III: Inverted: DHS Hurricane 3 National with Speed Glue 
Shark II: Inverted: Sriver L/EL/FX with Speed Glue 
Shark III: Inverted: Bryce Speed with Speed Glue 
Dolphin: Medium/Long Pips: 729 755 Long Pips with Speed Glue 
Penguin: Special Short Pips: DHS Sharping with Speed Glue

Recommended Glue/Blade/Rubber/Cleaner:
Glue: This rubber works best when tuned and glued with Haifu VOC-Free Water Based Glue. 

Blade: Shark II works well with composite blades. Recommended Blades are Timo Boll Spirit, Stiga CC5, and Stiga Clipper CC. 

A great rubber that compliments this rubber on the forehand side is: DHS Hurricane 3 National or Haifu Blue Whale II Tuned Red Sponge.

Use an alcohol-based cleaner such as Kokutaku / TULPE Alcohol Based Cleaner

Hardness/Thickness Available:
Hardness ranges from 32-38. Each hardness level offered plays differently from the other. I use the 35 degree. The harder the sponge, the more potential power, but the more strength/athleticism required to utilize the full potential of the rubber. If youíre unsure where to start, Iíd recommend trying 35 first.

PowerPingPong's Review:
A top seller in the backhand rubber category. Very consistent rubber with moderate speed and moderate spin. Great replacement for bryce/sriver and comes with a nice Haifu sheet protector. The upgraded version of this rubber is the Haifu Shark II Factory Tuned Permanent Tension - Red Sponge.

Official Product Description:
Baisha II Rubbers:
This product is a truly combination of speed, flexibility, strength and stability. Especially when it is touched by balls, its energy and speed can break out immediately.

Product Features:
This product is characterized by good flexibility, high speed and better elasticity which is especially fit for short court backhand attack, fast top spin drive, middle court topspin drive and fast topspin. Meanwhile, at back court, with more elasticity and strength it can be controlled even more easily.