Haifu Seamoon 250ml

Haifu Seamoon 250ml
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Product Description

The famous Haifu "Brown Oil" used by professionals to booster the rubber. Effects last up to 3 months providing superior consistency compared to speed glue. Please note that Haifu Brown Oil is not glue. It is only a booster. You will need water based glue to keep the rubber attached to the blade after boosting with Haifu Seamoon. Works amazing with all rubbers.

Directions: Apply 1 thin layer evenly across the sponge of the rubber and wait a minimum of 12 to 27 hours to dry. From personal experience, I would recommend 24 to 72 hours to dry depending on the humidity and temperature level.

Most people will use just 1 layer, some people use 2 layers, and some crazy folks will use 3 layers. I personally use just 1 layer.

If you plan on applying multiple layers, please make sure the prior layer is dry before applying the next layer.

You will notice your rubber doming after you apply haifu seamoon. That is normal. However unlike speed glue domes, haifu seamoon domes are more permanent. If you are worried that your glue is not strong enough, you can use a book to attempt to flatten most of the dome.