Haifu Oil / Tuner / Preadhesive Glue 300ml

Haifu Oil / Tuner / Preadhesive Glue 300ml
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Haifu Tuner / Oil / Pre-Adhesive glue. Tons of different names, but essentially it's the same thing. It's used by the China National Team and Provincial Team alongside with Blue Whale II and White Shark II for faster play.

This tuner acts like a very elastic VOC-Free Glue. There's no need to purchase another glue. Once this is tuned with 4-10 layers, you'll get a very elastic layer of glue ontop of the sponge.

Why is the price high? Most of the shipping costs are already included in the price.

Let me explain the Haifu "Tuner". It is actually not a tuning adhesive. That's my mistake for a bad translation. It is called a preadhesive glue. In chinese pinyin, it's called "da di"

Haifu "Tuner" = a very elastic VOC-Free Water Based Glue.

Haifu asks you to put 4-10 layers of the "Tuner" over the sponge. Each layer adds onto the overall elasticity of the rubber. It does not expand the sponge nor does it change any properties of the sponge. The elasticity of the rubber as a whole is increased due to the elasticity of the glue layer. The more layers of elastic voc-free glue, the faster the rubber plays and the louder it clicks. Once again, let me reiterate that the Haifu "Tuner" DOES NOT CHANGE THE PROPERTIES OF THE SPONGE.

Directions on how to do your own factory tuning:

Add anywhere from 4-10 layers of Haifu Tuner onto your rubber and only 1 layer onto your blade. Each layer needs to be dry before putting on the next layer. You can tell that the glue is dry when the original color of the voc-free glue (white) becomes transparent. That's when you put on the next layer. Make sure you put on thin layers of the glue as it does dry faster and it will be smooth. Too much glue on one layer will cause lumps.

Tip: 1. Speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer to dry each layer. Use low power for the first 5 seconds to start the drying of the glue, when you notice that the glue is halfway transparent, you can put on high power to finish the drying process of that layer and start putting on your next layer.

2. spread the glue in one direction. Don't go back and forth. Use it like you are using Butterfly Free Chack or DHS VOC-Free Glue.

I personally only use 4 layers and it works well for me. The factory tuned versions of the Haifu Blue Whale II essentially comes with about 8-10 layers of the Haifu "Tuner" already applied onto the rubber. That's the only difference between BW2 Tuned and unTuned.

The elasticity of the glue lasts about 2-4 weeks depending on the frequency of play. After the glue becomes less elastic, you peel the rubber off the blade and peel the glue off the rubber. It comes off very easily and it doesn't rip off wood from the blade nor sponge from the rubber. (Butterfly Free Chack is known for damaging blade/rubbers when you peel it off). Then you make sure the sponge and blade are clean of any glue bits, and then you re-apply the layers of "tuner".