DHS Hurricane 3

DHS Hurricane 3
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Used by China’s National Team 2008-2009 Haifu has been known for years in China for it’s Speed Glue (Blue Whale II Speed Glue and Shark II Speed Glue). Haifu BW2 speed glue has been used by several China’s Provincial Teams and several China National Team members in conjunction with DHS’s Hurricane 3. When the ITTF made the decision to ban speed glue effective September 1st, 2008, Haifu took the measures to develop its rubber line and came out a rubber that is meant to replace DHS Hurricane 3. Hence the similarity of BW2 and H3 in playing characteristics.

Each hardness level offered plays differently from the other. I use the 39 degree. The harder the sponge, the more potential power, but the more strength/athleticism required to utilize the full potential of the rubber. If you’re unsure where to start, I’d recommend trying 38 first.

Rubbers produced by Haifu and comparable rubbers Blue Whale I: Inverted: DHS Hurricane 3 Commercial grade without Speed Glue Blue Whale II: Inverted: DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial with Speed Glue Blue Whale III: Inverted: DHS Hurricane 3 National with Speed Glue Shark II: Inverted: Sriver L/EL/FX with Speed Glue Shark III: Inverted: Bryce Speed with Speed Glue Dolphin: Medium/Long Pips: 729 755 Long Pips with Speed Glue Penguin: Special Short Pips: DHS Sharping with Speed Glue

Directions: Peel off the plastic protection sheet from the sponge side of the rubber. Do not pull off the tuning layer. Use VOC-Free /Water Based Glue (Haifu VOC-Free Glue or DHS #15 VOC-Free Glue HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) and apply to both sponge and blade.

Playing Characteristics Used by most as a forehand rubber for Chinese style forward motion loops.

Package Details: Title: Haifu Blue Whale II Permanent Tension Factory Tuned VOC: Less than 5PPM Thickness: 2.20mm Hardness: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

Package Description: Whale Rubbers: This product using the latest technologies is a perfect combination of high viscosity rubber and good flexibility sponge. Product Features: This product is a perfect embodiment of strength, spin and speed with good elasticity, high viscosity, strong friction and even aggressive attack.