DHS H3 Hurricane 3 NEO

DHS H3 Hurricane 3 NEO
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Product Description

Product Description Finally! The NEO Hurricanes are available! These new and improved H3s are designed specifically for the new VOC-Free glue era.

Quote from the back of the package: "Powerful 'NEO' sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber with special glutinosity could create stable and high-speed arc, improve the scoring ability of players. Neo Hurricane 3 has a high speed and low fast loop, changeful arc, stronger spin."

The following are used by the top chinese players: Wang Hao - 656 Blade + TG2 Neo Wang LiQin - 655 Blade + H2 Neo Ma Lin - TG3 Neo Ma Long - H3 Neo

The H3 NEO rubber, is a much better improved version of the H3 Commercial. Although the H3 Neo plays like H3 Commercial speed glued, you may want to try H3 Provincial Tuned, which in my opinion is the H3 Neo designed for the provincial players. Provincial is still more consistent than the H3 NEO commercial version, but if you're not willing to spend the extra $9, it's best to stick with H3 Neo. Great rubber overall.