DHS H2 Hurricane 2 NEO

DHS H2 Hurricane 2 NEO
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Finally! The NEO Hurricanes are available! These new and improved H2s are designed specifically for the new VOC-Free glue era.

Quote from the back of the package: "With 'NEO' Sponge, Neo Hurricane 2 rubber break through the speed limit of aqua-blue and keep the speed, spin and control of former hurricane 2 rubber. Quick attack, low arc and strong low fast loop are the characteristic of NEO Hurricane 2."

The following are used by the top chinese players: Wang Hao - 656 Blade + TG2 Neo Wang LiQin - 655 Blade + H2 Neo Ma Lin - TG3 Neo Ma Long - H3 Neo

ALBERT'S REVIEW: If you enjoy H3 NEO but wished it had a lower throw/arc and more spin, H2 NEO is the answer. With a wider inner pips on the topsheet, H2 NEO more spin than H3 NEO but with lower arc which can be devastating to many styles of players. I would recommend this rubber for shakehand grip and/or aggressive players who have mastered the looping aspect of the game and are looking for a lower arcing rubber that has more spin than H3 NEO. Does require a powerful swing to produce spin. Control style players, please refer to H3 NEO, Tenergy 05, Sriver (L,EL, FX)